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Kegon Falls Poster:Mountain Rabbit Date of post:2007/05/29(Tue) 00:15 No.97  

Kegon Falls in NIKKO,
It is one of the most famous Falls in Japan.
It is 95m high or more.
Many peoples come to see this Falls in every seasons.

(The picture taken by Mountain Rabbit, 24.May '07 )

Re: Kegon Falls Mountain Rabbit - 2007/05/29(Tue) 08:48 No.98  

NIKKO is sacred ground of Buddhism and Shintoism from old time.
The Kegon is a name, one of Sutras(Bibles of Buddhism).
There are UNESCO world heritages in NIKKO as like as
Tohshohgoo thrine and Rinnoji temple.

(The picture is Tohshohgoo)

Re: Kegon Falls Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/01(Fri) 21:24 No.103  

It is said in old Japanese proverb,
"Before see NIKKOU , Do not say KEKKOU"
"KEKKOU" means "very good"in japanese language.
In case of this proverb, NIKKOU means TOHSHOUGOO.
But I do want to say that
"Before see NIKKOU's nature world,
Do not say KEKKOU"

Re: Kegon Falls Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/01(Fri) 22:35 No.104  

Just now in mountain side of NIKKOU,
Syakunage( one kind of Rhododendron)
is in full blown.

and many other kind of flowers
are blooming.

Re: Kegon Falls Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/02(Sat) 20:23 No.105  

This is ZUMI(Japanese name)flower,
A kind of Rosaceous

Re: Kegon Falls Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/02(Sat) 20:29 No.106  

A kind of Viola.

"Butterfly-dance” Poster:Marchan Date of post:2007/05/03(Thu) 16:09 No.76  

"Butterfly-dance”was dedicated to Ise Jingu Shrine on the occasion of their spring Festival.

Ise Jingu

Manga:Ise Jingu

Re: "Butterfly-dance” Kirin - 2007/05/03(Thu) 19:15 No.84  

How Great!
I watched the Manga Video of Ise Jingu.

I have visited Ise Jingu only once in 1887.
After visiting Ise Jingu, my life has changed dramatically.

I have met my husband and my son later that year.
So, I really feel something mysterious for the God in Ise Jingu.

Re: "Butterfly-dance” Mountain Rabbit - 2007/05/28(Mon) 19:03 No.95  

Hi! Mrs Kirin .-- First met in here

You got husband and boy after visitting Ise thrine.
So happy are You .

But You visitted there in 1887, really?(^^)

Re: "Butterfly-dance” kirin - 2007/05/29(Tue) 19:19 No.99  

It was my simple type mistake.

I went to Ise Shrine in 1987.

Thank you very much for your kindness.

Re: "Butterfly-dance” Okdong Moon - 2007/06/01(Fri) 11:07 No.102  

What a gorgeous dress it is!
Is it a traditional costume to perform the Spring Festival as a special day?
It’s lovely^^

At Coffee Shop in Seoul Poster:kirin Date of post:2007/05/29(Tue) 22:05 No.100  

Early in the morning in Seoul.
I was writing my plan to foster the good relationship with Korean seniors and Japanese.
Almost 12 years have passed since I came here to see with Mr.Yu Kyong-Hee to invite Wollobang for our 3rd ICS seminar in Tokyo.
I will not forget his footstep and also his great sense of humor.
I once again, promise to work for grassroots activities in the small coffee shop in front of the old palace.

Re: At Coffee Shop in Seoul Okdong Moon - 2007/06/01(Fri) 10:42 No.101  

Dear Kirin:
You made a difference to better life for seniors’ old ages.
You remind me that I was not able to get there to ‘the Active Ageing Conference’ with you last month. However we enjoyed very much in Seoul.
I tried to uppload a picture but it has no access to get it disappointedly.^^;

I like Namhae very much! Poster:Kirin Date of post:2007/05/28(Mon) 21:29 No.96  
Namhae Active aging conference was really great event.
I enjoyed their warm hospitality and well organized meeting.

Here is Japanese website of Namhae

SANJA MATSURI Poster:Marchan Date of post:2007/05/23(Wed) 11:18 No.92  

SANJA MATSURI, which is one of the Three Great Festivals of EDO (now Tokyo), is held in every May at Asakusa Shirne.

Photo by Ken

Re: SANJA MATSURI Marchan - 2007/05/23(Wed) 11:26 No.93  

He also seems to be one of the participants.

Photo by Ken

Re: SANJA MATSURI kirin - 2007/05/25(Fri) 08:53 No.94  

I like his Tenugui on top!
Beer looks cute,too.

Haiku. Poster:Golden Bat Date of post:2007/05/08(Tue) 14:16 No.88  
"Taste an evening bell
Watch a persimmon
Listen to an old temple"

Awaiting yours by return. Thanks.

Re: Haiku. kirin - 2007/05/08(Tue) 23:33 No.89  

It is amazing!
Is this the translation of famous Haiku?

Is this your deep insight of Haiku?

I thought, taste persimmon, listen to temple bell.

Re: Haiku. Golden Bat - 2007/05/12(Sat) 05:55 No.90  

Dear Kirin,

Surprised by your so fast reaction.
You did founed taste persimmon,listen to temple bell.

Yes this is a sample of synesthesia,so estimated in
"Haiku in English"(Tsbn4-484-88231-0 c0282)of

Thank you again. K.N. 

Re: Haiku. Marchan - 2007/05/18(Fri) 16:00 No.91  

Dear Golden Bat and Kirin,

Many thanks for your interesting postings.

Marchan from Paris

The Hakata Dontaku Festival (1... Poster:Marchan Date of post:2007/05/05(Sat) 17:00 No.86  

This colorful festival takes place on May 3 and 4 in the city of Fukuoka in northern Kyushu.

Photo by Tokijirou

Re: The Hakata Dontaku Festiva... Marchan - 2007/05/05(Sat) 17:16 No.87  

You can see other Photos by the following Website.


The Hakata Dontaku


Photo by Tokijirou

Dress Up Doll Poster:Marchan Date of post:2007/05/03(Thu) 16:49 No.77  
The member in Kanagawa district of Mellow club enjoyed workshop of “Draw Dress Up Doll”
---by AutoShape Function (Microsoft Office).
Please see our works.

Dress Up Doll (1) Marchan - 2007/05/03(Thu) 17:25 No.79  

illustrated by Giccho

Dress Up Doll (2) Marchan - 2007/05/03(Thu) 17:27 No.80  

 illustrated by Param

Dress Up Doll (3) Marchan - 2007/05/03(Thu) 17:30 No.81  

 illustrated by Tankichi

Dress Up Doll (4) Marchan - 2007/05/03(Thu) 17:38 No.83  

illustrated by Marchan

Re: Dress Up Doll Kirin - 2007/05/03(Thu) 19:19 No.85  


I really impressed your great work of art.

Also, I glad to find this communication box have Posting password already.
I would like to introduce this site in the conference in Namhae Korea.
I am going to meet with Ms.Fabos from US SeniorNet and KADO from Seoul.


Koinobori Poster:Marchan Date of post:2007/04/30(Mon) 17:48 No.73  

Koinobori are carp-shaped streamers made of cloth.
They are flown on a pole on May 5, on the day of Tango Festival.
They are regarded as a symbol of healthy growth of children.

Photo by Taishou-Bouya

Koinobori_2 Marchan - 2007/05/01(Tue) 10:12 No.75  

It is believed that old carp become dragons.
So the carp is well-know as a successful fish in oriental countries.

Photo by Heigen

PHOTO HAIKU (1) Poster:Marchan Date of post:2007/04/24(Tue) 09:41 No.72  

Cherry Blossom flowers,

I could respond you soft and mellow.


Translated by Kirin.

「やはらかく受け答へして花の下 」


Re: PHOTO HAIKU (1) Kirin - 2007/04/30(Mon) 19:39 No.74  

Thank you very much.
It is wonderful to introduce Photo Haiku,by Mellow Club member for my frined in abroad.

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