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Flower of Cactus Poster:Taihei Date of post:2007/06/23(Sat) 17:12 No.136   HomePage

Flower of Cactus is bloomming now in a spase area of my

Origin of this plant is warm area, Mexco. But this kind of cactus seems to be strong in the cold such as the winter of Japan

The Iris is brooming at the Ed... Poster:Taihei Date of post:2007/06/21(Thu) 15:41 No.135   HomePage

Hi! Haw do you do.

There is the Mizumoto Park near Shibamata.
Shibamata is the birthplace of Tora San and
Tora San used the water of the Edriver when he was born.

Backgrand of Iris is the lantern made of stone which
is used to loacate Japanese style Garden.

Nuclear plant Poster:Mountain Rabbit Date of post:2007/06/15(Fri) 15:37 No.132  

In China,I saw many nuclear plants that is installed
adjacent urban area.
In japan, Those are installed on isolated places from urban area.
It Perhaps by the reason of safety.
I want to know how about in Europe and America.

Re: Nuclear plant Tougarasi Monjirou - 2007/06/16(Sat) 19:19 No.133  

Hey,Mountain Rabbit.How are you?

I think it is completely the same for the nuclear sites all over the world.Recently the activities by the groups of environmentalist and of non-globalist became energetic day by day even in Italy.

 It's not for the nulear plants and for the similar reason the introduction of TGV to the country is terribly delayed.

Re: Nuclear plant Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/16(Sat) 20:42 No.134  

Hi!Monjirou. How do you do? and How are you?

I had read a news that TGV began operating
from Paris to German southern part Stuttgart.

TGV recorded 547kph in France.

Enoden Poster:Marchan Date of post:2007/06/14(Thu) 17:30 No.130  

Enoshima Electric Railway, popularly known as Enoden, is a streetcar type train in the Shonan district of Kanagawa-Prefecture.
It has a 100-year history.
Though it is only 10 kilometers long, you can enjoy various kind of scenery; such as ocean beach views, Enshima Island and quiet residential quarters from the train window.

Re: Enoden Marchan - 2007/06/14(Thu) 17:41 No.131  

On a rainy day, hydrangeas are more beautiful.

Hondoji temple Poster:Marchan Date of post:2007/06/14(Thu) 08:12 No.129  

Hondoji temple is located in Chiba-Prefecture.
You can enjoy the scenery of each seasons in this temple’s precinct.
It’s covered with cherry blossoms in spring, hydrangea in early summer, colorful tint in autumn and snow in winter.

Photo by Kirara

Okinagusa Poster:kirin Date of post:2007/06/12(Tue) 23:55 No.124  

Okina means old man in Japanese.

I took this photo in the YUDO , farmer's house in Tokyo.
They had a small event for commemoration of Kenji Miyazawa, a poet.

Okinagusa is the titile of his famous poem from "Haru to Shura".

Re: Okinagusa Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/13(Wed) 00:40 No.125  

Good evening Mrs.kirin.
I will show you another picture.
This is Okinagusa flower.

Re: Okinagusa Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/13(Wed) 00:49 No.126  

After flower blooming,it become seeds having white hair.
So they call it Okina ( old man ) flower.
By the way, In Korea they call this flower Harumi Kott.
Harumi means old woman in Korean language.
Kott means flower.
You might be interest in, ain't you? (^^)

Re: Okinagusa kirin - 2007/06/13(Wed) 10:02 No.127  

How intrestesting!!!

In Japan, white hair image old man,and in Korea it is old women.
I know grandmother is Harumoni in Korean.

Re: Okinagusa Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/13(Wed) 10:26 No.128  

>I know grandmother is Harumoni in Korean.

 Yes,That's wright
Haru means Far,and Omoni means Mother,
So Harumoni is grandmather.

By the way, In the Korean slang, Harumoni become Harumi.
It's nuance is as like as Japanese Baasan or Babaa.

Jidai Maturi Poster:Tougarasi Monjirou Date of post:2007/06/08(Fri) 22:30 No.116  

Do you know the Jidai Matsuri(Festival of the Ages)?At Sakura City,our town,it takes place in April every year and many people gathers here .Anyway let's visit this town.And you can see a lot of exotic and splendid scenes.

Re: Jidai Maturi Tougarasi Monjirou - 2007/06/08(Fri) 22:33 No.117  

Next one.

Re: Jidai Maturi Tougarasi Monjirou - 2007/06/08(Fri) 22:35 No.118  

Third one.

Re: Jidai Maturi Tougarasi Monjirou - 2007/06/08(Fri) 22:39 No.119  

Foreign participants.

Re: Jidai Maturi Tougarasi Monjirou - 2007/06/08(Fri) 22:41 No.120  

Foreign participant and citizens.

Re: Jidai Maturi Tougarasi Monjirou - 2007/06/08(Fri) 22:45 No.121  

Dance by youngsters.

Re: Jidai Maturi Tougarasi Monjirou - 2007/06/08(Fri) 22:49 No.122  

Little girls in Kimono.

Re: Jidai Maturi kirin - 2007/06/12(Tue) 23:45 No.123  

Monjirou san

Beautiful! I expected to find you in those photos.

Gokuraku-ji temple Poster:Marchan Date of post:2007/06/08(Fri) 14:15 No.114  

Gokuraku-ji temple is located in Kamakura.
It was founded in 1259.
In this surroundings you can see lots of noted places of the hydrangea.

Re: Gokuraku-ji temple Marchan - 2007/06/08(Fri) 14:17 No.115  

You can see the origin of this temple in this board.

Great work of art by Korean Se... Poster:kirin Date of post:2007/06/04(Mon) 19:08 No.110  
Mr.Kwon from Microsoft Korea send me a wonderful work of art by Dr.Won.

Please look this site :


Dr.Won draw these pictures only by mouse Mr.Kwon said.

I could learn and enjoy Korean nature, traditional lifestyle, legend, children's play and many more with beautiful music.

I found a girl is swinging in the forest. It must be the story of Chun Hyan.

I like the snow one, and also Tiger!!

Re: Great work of art by Korea... Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/04(Mon) 19:35 No.111  

So surprised!! (@@)

 Thank you for introduction.

Re: Great work of art by Korea... Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/05(Tue) 11:49 No.112  

Immediately I mimicked that.
A view of Kanmon strait that is about my 2nd hometown.
But the picture is unfinished.

S.L. Poster:Mountain Rabbit Date of post:2007/06/03(Sun) 06:39 No.107  

In Japanese rail way, Steam engine disappered in about 1970.
In few place, It be seen as tourist operation or tourist attraction.
The picture is steam locomotive in Tochigi prefecture that operated once a week.

Re: S.L. kirin - 2007/06/04(Mon) 09:58 No.108  

I did not know this!
Thank you very much.

Re: S.L. Mountain Rabbit - 2007/06/04(Mon) 10:28 No.109  

Hi! Mrs.Kirin, How are you?
This S.L.train is operated on Mohka line, from Shimodate to Motegi.
Shimodate is in Mito line, and Motegi is terminal of Mohka line.
Mohka line pass through Mohka province, and in old time,
were there producted many of cottons.
So Mohka line is called Cotton Way as pet name.
"Cotton"means also rail sound of slowly running train,
♪ cotton, cotton, cotton (^^)

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