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Radio Gymnastic Exercises  Poster:Marchan Date of post:2008/07/20(Sun) 12:49 No.176  

In summer vacation period, local neighborhood associations do the radio gymnastic exercises in groups in the morning in the plaza.
It is said that it was started from the 1920's.
The purpose was practice of rising early during the school's vacation.

Jojuin temple Poster:Marchan Date of post:2008/06/13(Fri) 21:12 No.175  

Jojuin is Shingon sect temple.
Located in Kamakura city.

In June, 262 hydrangea plants are in full bloom alongside the approach to the temple and after climbing 108 steps,
you can view the beautiful YUIGAHAMA beach from the gate.

Hanamatsuri (Birthday of the B... Poster:Marchan Date of post:2008/06/09(Mon) 07:41 No.174  

Buddha's Birthday is celebrated on April 8, in a part of provinces on May 8.
People pour ama-cha (a sweat beverage ) on small Buddha statues decorated with flowers, as if they bathe a newborn baby.

Photo by Taisho Boya

Cherry blossoms in Korea Poster:Mountain Rabbit Date of post:2008/04/14(Mon) 11:10 No.173  

I went to Korea in last week with my friends.
At Gyeonju (ancient capital city of Silla Kingdom )
We enjoyed full bloomed cherry blossoms
on site of ancient castle.
Yellow flowers in field are rape blossoms.

Hinamatsuri Poster:Marchan Date of post:2008/03/02(Sun) 08:17 No.171  

March 3rd is Hinamatsuri, or Doll's Festival, This is a festiva for girls, and dating back to the Heian Period, about 1,000 years ago.

Photo --- at my friend's house.

Spring has come. Poster:Marchan Date of post:2008/02/11(Mon) 09:15 No.170  

Pink colored flower of plum tree began to bloom.
A small bird “Japanese white-eye” is singing.
Spring has come.

Photo by Akizora

Conference in Seoul Poster:kirin Date of post:2008/02/03(Sun) 18:02 No.169  
I will visit Seoul from Feb.27 to March 1 to attend the International Conference on the Elderly and Information Society at Yonsei University.

The latest news from Japan Poster:Tougarasi Monjirou Date of post:2008/01/01(Tue) 00:11 No.168  

Recently the Japanese consumers cry in chorus "Show me KIGEN!","Show me KIGEN!"from morning to night day after day.(Odd Reuters reported.)

Aerophotograph Poster:Mountain Rabbit Date of post:2007/12/13(Thu) 23:20 No.167  

I like to take pistures on airplane.
So everytimes that I take on airplane,
I go to airport early time to get windowside seat.
this is a picture of Kanmon canal,
between Honsyu island and Kyusyu island.
You can see great Kanmon bridge.

Merry Xmas is coming soon. Poster:Tougarasi Monjirou Date of post:2007/12/10(Mon) 23:56 No.165  

Merry Christmas is coming soon.The tree below is located at a certain station of the private railway(Keisei Line).

Re: Merry Xmas is coming soon. Tougarasi Monjirou - 2007/12/11(Tue) 20:51 No.166  

Another tree in front of the station Yotu-kaidou JR.The primrose is the symbol of the city Yotu-kaidou.

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