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I Wish You A Happy New Yeari...@PosterFTougarasi Monjirou Date of postF2009/01/03(Sat) 23:45 No.205  

Another photo.Magician in kimono.

I Wish You A Happy New Yeari...@PosterFTougarasi Monjirou Date of postF2009/01/03(Sat) 22:32 No.204  

Dear@readers in NY city of Mellow Club site. I wish you a Happy New Year.(Japanese version:֖@the same pronunciation of English one)For example pronounce "I wish" and means "my favorite cow".

This year is the year of cow according to the twelve zodiac signs in Chinese astrology.

I enjoyed a Japanese traditional magic show in the next town this afternoon.The photo shows a scene of the show.

the Japanese version was created by K.Wadagaki,Doctor of Law ,in Tai-syo era.(in 1914)


A beach seine@PosterFMarchan Date of postF2008/11/26(Wed) 18:03 No.200  

The get-together of the neighborhood association was held in the nearby coast.
And we enjoyed a beach seine.

Re: A beach seine@Marchan - 2008/11/26(Wed) 18:08 No.201  

However, it had begun to rain the nets were pull up earlier than the schedule.
So we had a poor catch of fish.

Re: A beach seine@Marchan - 2008/11/26(Wed) 18:21 No.202  

After that we enjoyed Tempura-Party.
But we had to go to buy some fish for Tempra because fishing was very poor.

A walking route visiting stone...@PosterFMarchan Date of postF2008/10/26(Sun) 15:57 No.197  

Tono district where is located in the boundary in Kyoto-prefecture and Nara-prefecture is a quiet mountain village.
In this district you can see some simple and gentle stone images.
Access wise the place is rather inconvenient.
You can take a bus service from Nara-station, but bus runs only four times a day.

Re: A walking route visiting s...@Marchan - 2008/10/26(Sun) 16:04 No.198  

The trail is a mountain path of 1.7 kilometers between two old historical temples (Joruriji-temple and Gansenji-temple)

Re: A walking route visiting s...@Marchan - 2008/10/26(Sun) 16:22 No.199  

Here and there of the path, there are some uninhabited stalls.
You only insert a 100yen coin in the hanging box and take vegetables or fruits that entered a plastic bag.

The seller trusts you.

Sugamo Jizoudori@PosterFMarchan Date of postF2008/08/28(Thu) 14:29 No.189  

Sugamo Jizoudori Shopping Street is a popular shopping street in Tokyo for the older generation (the area is known as the "Harajuku for Grandma").
Where you can enjoy lots of shops handling traditional Japanese foods or clothes.

Re: Sugamo Jizoudori@Marchan - 2008/08/28(Thu) 14:40 No.190  

This is a temple town and the temple enshrined Jizou Bodhisattva.

Re: Sugamo Jizoudori@Marchan - 2008/08/28(Thu) 14:42 No.191  

A Rice cake's shop

Re: Sugamo Jizoudori@Marchan - 2008/08/28(Thu) 14:52 No.193  

Japanese crepe clothes shop

The girl who had worn red shoe...@PosterFMarchan Date of postF2008/08/21(Thu) 10:52 No.187  

This is an image of the heroine of the song loved for a long time by Japanese people.

Re: The girl who had worn red ...@Marchan - 2008/08/21(Thu) 10:57 No.188  

------The explanation of the image says as follows.------

This children song, set in the Port of Yokohama and first performed in 1921, has been memorialized with this statue.
The statue has been placed here in the hope that it will became a cherished landmark for its countless visitors.

Bonbori (Lantern) Festival@PosterFMarchan Date of postF2008/08/10(Sun) 10:26 No.183  

Kamakura Hachiman Shrinefs Bonbori (Lantern) Festival was held until last eveing.
About 400 Bonboris were decorated with pictures or calligraphies. Some of them were works of the celebrities who live in Kamakura City.

Re: Bonbori (Lantern) Festival@Marchan - 2008/08/10(Sun) 10:48 No.184  

This Bonbori was donated by Takeshi Yoro.
He is Anatomist,Brain scientist, Million-selling writer, and Insect collector.

Re: Bonbori (Lantern) Festival@Marchan - 2008/08/10(Sun) 10:58 No.185  

This Bonbori was dedicated by famous Zen-Buddist.

Re: Bonbori (Lantern) Festival@Marchan - 2008/08/10(Sun) 11:02 No.186  

After getting dark, bonboris were lit up by candle faint light.

PC Play Room for 60 years old@PosterFMarchan Date of postF2008/07/24(Thu) 16:27 No.178  

This is my Web site.
Please browse following URL.


Re: PC Play Room for 60 years ...@kirin - 2008/07/31(Thu) 09:06 No.181  


I could readb your wonderful website from Seoul.

Re: PC Play Room for 60 years ...@Marchan - 2008/07/31(Thu) 16:04 No.182  

Thank you Kirin-san

It is still "Under Construction" but I am advancing construction little by little.
I hope you enjoy it.

from Seoul@PosterFKirin Date of postF2008/07/30(Wed) 16:11 No.180  
I have arrived Seoul, Sejong Hotel.

There is a beautiful flowers and wonderful cafe!

I am sending this from business center of the hotel.

Bon Dance@PosterFMarchan Date of postF2008/07/25(Fri) 20:34 No.179  

You can see Bon festival dance here and there in Japan in summer season.
Even narrow roads in the downtown area become the site of the Bon Festival Dance.
It is saidgOf course Dancers are fools, Onlookers are also fools. Why don't you enjoy dance?h

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