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Note how to use the bulletin board.

  1. This bulletin board corresponds to cookie. Once you succeed to post an article, your information such as name, ID, URL, and password, will appear automatically. (only when your browser corresponds to cookie.)

  2. You can upload your binary files of image type such as pictures, etc.

    • Attachable files : GIF, JPEG, PNG, TEXT, PDF, MIDI, MP3
    • Maximum quantity of data for contribution : 100 KB
    • pictures exceeding 300 by 150 pixels are to appear in deduced size.

  3. In your contributions, you can never use HTML tag.

  4. For contribution of article, you are required "your name", "your writing password" and "your message", but not your URL, title of message, and modyfy/delete password.

  5. Do not use the half size 'katakana' of Japanese characters in your messages. It might cause errors (MOJIBAKE).

  6. If you post your password (made with 8 and downward alphanumeric characters) as your "password" when you contribute an article, you can delete the article later on.

  7. Articles held on the board are up to 300 items at maximum, old articles exceeded are to be deleted automatically in order.

  8. You can contribute your comment on the existing articles. The form for comment appears when you click the button for "comment" at the upper part of the article.

  9. You can easily find what you want in the last contributions with a "key word." Click the button to link "word search" Click "find" in the top menu to enter the search mode.

  10. Article which the manager thinks it might cause remarkable disadvantage or slander other persons may be deleted without any advance notice.